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    Portable Mobile Phone Cigarette Lighter

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    Introducing Portable Mobile Phone Cigarette Lighter. It is a powerful, windproof lighter phone attachment for all cellphones. When you have a phone, you've got a light! No more losing your lighter or having it stolen. Keep your phone handy at all times with this super convenient accessory.

    The Portable Mobile Phone Lighter is a windproof lighter phone attachment. It uses the power of your phone to give off light. Ideal for people who like to smoke, but hate having to carry around a bulky lighter. If you've got a phone, you've got a light! The Portable Mobile Phone Cigarette Lighter allows you to take your smoking pleasures wherever you go. Rechargeable using any USB port on your laptop or computer... anywhere they have power! The lighter does not need to be lit in order for your cell phone to work with it - simply attach it onto you or your smoker's cell phone.

    No more hassle or guesswork with your lighter. No more having it stolen, or running out of juice. With our new Portable Mobile Phone Cigarette Lighter, you can carry around a portable, windproof lighter phone attachment wherever you go! You'll be sure to have a light anytime you need one with this item's convenient USB port and long-lasting butane fuel cells. This high powered lighter is so small and lightweight (less than 3 ounces), that you can take it virtually anywhere! What are you waiting for?"" Power On / Off  button for easy on/off operationUSB port for charging multiple

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